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Yeah yeah love is blind, forgive and forget etc etc, no not really

Yes really, if you love, the ability to forgive is important. If you can't forgive and move on, that's up to you, but for myself, I see Quinn's value, and I love his character.

You said so your self qinn was caught between 2 force users and instead of standing by the SW's side, trusting her, supporting her and having faith in her abilities like a person whom genuinely cared for someone would, he chooses to betray her to baras after he had already seen how baras had used then betrayed the SW and nothing in his head even ticked "hey what if baras would do the say to me", also who cares how strong baras is, the SW was basically the enforcer of the emperor and you dont get really much more powerful and influential than that, and quinn was there, he saw the SW get contacted by those 2 sith of the emperor so he knows it true

Yes, I did say that, and stand by it. Part of the problem was weak writing on Bioware's part. They didn't consider all of the variables, which would have made the end part make more sense. There should have been the option for Quinn to confess and for him and SW to work together, but because of the way the game is, they only had 'x' amount of outcomes. I don't fault the character for not getting that option, but the person writing the story. Every outcome was not considered and logically this is what should have happened. So the game and writing had limitiations. Also it doesn't matter how strong Baras was as opposed to the SW...he's still quite capable of choking someone (Quinn) out over the holo.

Relationships are built on trust Yes, I realize that because I've been married in real life to the same person for 27 years, so real life experience affects my perception of this story.

ad and together they could have orchestrated a plot to use baras's lingering trust of quinn against him, but no he betrays you; trys to kill you, not sleeping around on you or something where you can say oh forgive n forget, but wants to murder you and your other companions and even has the gall to try and make jaessa betray you as well....when ******* crazy, power hunger darkside jaessa shows more loyalty to you...and that he wants to either kill your other companions or make them betray you that alone is unforgiveable to not only betray you, and the feelings you held for him but also to subvert your authority and kill your other companions, it was espically infuriating for me because i had vette.

As I said above, the story should have been more fleshed out, you can't blame Quinn for the writers and game makers shortfall and choice limitations in the game. Also, you have watched or done all of the outcomes with all of the characters to have seen these outcomes. I've watched them on youtube, but to play it right, I took Quinn with me on the station and his remorse is palpable.

Relationships are built on trust and that trust was broken by his betrayal you can forgive and "understand" if you want but now that doubt will now always remain, what if qinn was in KoTFE? Whose to say he wouldnt have sold you out some how to valkorian for another promotion because the thought you were no match for him and he was "caught between 2 sith again", you can imagine that they had all the talks you want but the reality is that the doubt of his loyalty will always remain now.

Quinn writes to you before KotFE starts in earnest and the letter quite solidly shows that he is loyal to his SW love. I have no doubt that if someone tried to force him to betray her, he would rather die this time around.

Atleast arcann has some justification for his character because of his messed up, loveless childhood, and this is a thread for people who are happy quinn is coming back right? Im oh so happy hes coming back, like i said there are some loose ends to tie up.
There is no justification for killing millions of innocent people. You don't know what Quinn's childhood's not like the writer's elaborated on it. Arcann wasn't being forced by anyone to kill planets...he was doing it because he's a dick. We're going to have to agree to disagree on this, because there is nothing you can say to me, that will sway my devotion for Quinn, nor my happiness at his return, and I suspect it's the same for you, in the opposite cheers.
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