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It has nothing to do with her being a woman. I have no idea why people say that other than to undermine the argument on the other side of the table in attempt to shame and silence them.

Was there an uprising over Satele Shan? No. Know why? Because her story was explained and made more sense then Rey's. However, Satele and Kotor in general are not canon. Rey is.

The problem with Rey is the Mary Sue extravaganza she displays. Jedi and Sith (who cares what gender they are?) would train for years. As stated before many time, Anakin himself, fathered by the force, still trained under Obi, Quigon and Yoda. Even then, we see how Duuko pwns him the first time they fight even after years of training. Had Yoda not jumped in, Anakin and Obi would be dead.

Yet this person, who has no lightsaber fighting skills ( a staff is not the same- especially when fighting a skilled and trained force user), who was never taught how to use the force to be telepathic and make people do things they would not normally do... just knows how to do these things with no training or instruction in the force - because that is how the story of a Mary Sue works.
"Mary Sue type characters do exist in both fan fiction and canon. The main difficulty with true Mary Sue stories is that they often cause canon characters, established story lines, and the very inner consistency of the canon's reality, to behave wildly out of bounds. "

It is a joke and a disgrace to the plots of the former films.

So please, stop saying it is people hating on woman as an excuse to dismiss arguments as to why Rey is catching so much slack over it. Her gender has 0 to do with it.

Also this.

I personally liked the movie. TLJ is the first one I can say without question that I absolutely hate. I have saw them all, including the OT at the theater.
You still fail to see the real reasons here...

In A New Hope Luke was a farmboy who took down the death star all by himself and also using the force to disrubt his fathers attempts to blast him off the sky.

In Empire Strikes back he had some training under Yoda, but still was far from a Jedi and yet went to fight Vader and he kinda lost there.

Here is where the stories are different. Rey beats Kylo Ren, Luke lost a hand in duel vs his father.

If you watch the TFA again, the director insists to make us see that Ren is bleeding and is the main reason why he cannot defeat her. But people failed to see this and rushed to call Rey's char Mary Sue.

Again, her natural ability with the force is nothing new to star wars. Maybe she is just natural talent...

The Last Jedi failed to explain the reasons behind her affinity to the force properly and after all that build up and mystery around that we hot from Abrams in TFA is turned into dust in this last movie.

This is the reason why I am glad that Abrams is coming back to EP9 as he made a real star wars movie with TFA despite the " ep4 ripoff" and concept.

Let's hope he can fix some of the mess around Rey in the new movie.

I repeat myself. I still dont think there is any difference between luke and rey as trainees in the force. The problems come from how their stories are told.