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You again begin about the subject of gender while completely ignoring everything I wrote below. That means one of two things, either you are so focused on this specific issue that you don't see anything else or that you have no counterarguments to bring against my theory and therefore latch on to other stuff that derail the subject. I ask you again, please, take a look at the theory and respond to that, I have provided in my previous post something of a TLDR version of the OP, so that you won't have to read all of that. I urge you to set aside your crusade for just one bit and focus on the subject at hand.
And you are ignoring that was a targeted attack against people that did not like the movie. I said I would not bring it up again unless someone else did... And they did.

So... who is on a crusade? Also I asked:

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Can you agree that you can like/dislike this movie based simply on the plot and story? Are you capable of admitting that?
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