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I don't mean to be rude, but from these lines I can clearly see that you didn't read the theory but just saw that the tone is not negative about the Last Jedi and started repeating what you already have in numerous other threads.
Um, you know, the theory is also that people dont just not like the movie because of plot, it must be because they hate woman. As that has been the crux of the debate. Can you agree that you can like/dislike this movie based simply on the plot and story? Are you capable of admitting that?

It seems to be that in order for you guys to accept that people dont like the movie... then the people that dislike it must be misogynists. This is the logic I see. So the woman who hate it are also misogynists? I mean... yeah. I guess women who dislikes it are allowed to not like it based on the plot but guys are not? For guys it must be because they hate women?
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As I explained elaborately in the OP, Rey is able to use mind tricks and such due to the fact the Force is manipulating her to be as strong as she is in order to be able to stand against Kylo. She is a tool being used by the Force itself to eliminate all Dark Side users from the galaxy in order to return the balance to the Force.
I had a lot more typed out but it started looking like a wall of text. So I will just say this about the plot.

So Rey, can literally rest assured that she does not need to train or anything as the force will just continue making her stronger by default to beat up on Kylo. Heck of a plot there.

Ole Kylo can hit the gym everyday, but Rey will also be benefiting from his work. I mean, lol I can not go along with this trash.
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