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FACEPALM... you dont' even bother reading.

It doesn't matter if it was 20 years inbetween ANH and TESB there was NO ONE TO TRAIN LUKE!

The day statement about Luke on Degobah was hyperbolie. The point is we see the most important parts of his training, the cave, feeling the force and so on. He is never trained in Lightsaber combat or attacking force powers ie force choke and so fourth.

I brought up piloting because its one of the things people like to claim is proof she is a Mary Sue. If you concede that then fine we can move on.

Yes Rey uses Force pull and beats a dying angry sith who can't even stand up. Whats your point?

I see you avoided the question on how Luke beat Vader in ROTJ so.... good job on that.

Or the fact the Skywalker lightsaber went to her over Kylo... I mean. yeah.
did you even read the OP post?

I am not going to defend that this movie sucks because I believe the plot is lame.
TFA is the SAME PLOT AS A NEW HOPE!!!! That's the whole freaking point its a soft reboot. This is why people are shaming you.

Alien had a female protagonist and is one of the most recognized Sci-Fi brands out there.
taken straight out of the MRA talking points.

You're a fan of Saragon of Akkad aren't you?

and again BLOODLINES DO NOT MATER IN STAR WARS! That has 0 determination with how strong you are with the force.

i'll say this one more time.

The things you criticize about TFA are the EXACT SAME THINGS IN THE OT! EVEN THE PLOT IS THE SAME. So you look like a hypocrite for saying TFA is bad for those reasons.

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