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FACEPALM..... you are missing the point

Sigh... the point is if you call Rey a Mary Sue for not having training or flying the falcon or using force powers and NOT call out Luke for the SAME THINGS. Then it is since she is a woman.
Wrong you are missing the point that there was 3 years in between Luke in ANH and TESB. As I previously stated and that IS canon. Also, pointed out that he had that much time to practice on his own. After working with Ben. And no, it was also answered by canon that it was more than a day of training with Yoda as well, as you tried to proclaim.

As a matter of fact, I went and rewatched TESB even Yoda says "no more will I teach you today" nearly at the start of his training. Proving it was more than a day so already wrong, the only question is how long but your proven wrong "day" theory is already shot.

*addition for edit*
Also when Luke is pleading with Yoda to train him Yoda says he was "too old," to which Luke replied, "But I have learned so much already." Could not really say that in context if he had not learned more than what Ben had taught him. Again, 3 years. Unless he was lying to Yoda with Ben's force ghost being there.

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Who taught Luke how to use Force Pull in between ANH and TES?
Have you even watched these movies??
For starters... lets not forget this is the second movie he uses it after 3 years of being able to also train on his own... Rey uses it in TFA without training with anyone But whatever, I see you dismissed that, or over looked it. Again, useing her power over Ben... but LOLz amirite?

1) I did not bring anything up about piloting. Dont inject that into my argument. They can both be skilled/good/whatever. I don't care and that never bothered me.
2) Vader almost killed Luke, Had the other tiefighter not hit him because of Solo, he would have.
3) Not only did Luke spend actual time with masters that wanted to teach instead of running into caves, he had years to reflect and build on what he was taught between ANH and TESB. Also, he got dismembered when he fought Vader.
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Ummm what? No she didn't? Are you refering to when she mind melded with Kylo? Because she didn't use the power he did. She just saw the fear in him.

As for mind control? are you talking about the storm trooper she used the Jedi Mind trick on? Because she didn't read his thoughts.
She did both of these in TFA... both of them. Making the trooper unlock her and also reading Kylos mind. This is one of the reasons people thought she must be a Skywalker in fan theory. Or the fact the Skywalker lightsaber went to her over Kylo... I mean. yeah.

That is it. I am done. I am not going to defend that this movie sucks because I believe the plot is lame. But you guys have to learn that just because something is diverse, does not then by default mean it is a good story, regardless of who the protagonist is. Shaming someone for not liking the story because you automatically believe they must be biased against women for doing so is stupid. Never thinking that maybe, they actually have reasons for not liking it that do not have to do with gender. Alien had a female protagonist and is one of the most recognized Sci-Fi brands out there. But that does not fit the paradigm you want to paint now does it? But yeah, lets just hate on some starwars because there is a girl with a lightsaber. I know plenty of movies that suck that have a male protagonist. Am I then sexist against men? I mean the logic to that thought process is just dumb. Instead of believing someone does not like the plot/story you guys automatically think they must be sexist for doing so? I am almost embarrassed to even participate in this nonsense.
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