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I still use my class ship(s), often. BW has made fundamental changes in the game that has diminished them substantially though often as a side effect/ consequence. Some of the changes have lead to players not even having their own ship (Major Fail due to short sighted Zakuul envy). The ships do seem like a cold lonely place nowdays without our Comps so I would imagine some actually *Avoid using those because of their impression and using the "Super Fast *Adrenaline Faster Now" button (Another newer facet with detrimental side effects). Think of "Star Wars" without any ships; not the movies I've seen. The Class ships Do still provide but not like before, another detriment to the games Story Direction.
I also thought of the adding Guild Ships to the Planet Conquests; "Uber Star Wars" . This would actually be the first stage of the conquest, moving both guild ships into the same orbit. Once that happens the fighters and GSF would start as the two capitol ships go Broadside with periodic blasts back and forth (energy for Guild ship weapons and shields come from the guild activity prior to the battle) during this the player fighters are swarming around shooting (Pew pew pew) at the other guilds fighters and attacking the enemies Guild Ships shield generators and turrets. The Winner there gets a bonus on the land combat and "Air Strike, 1 Walker" support. I realize this is well beyond SWTORs capabilities, but it would be Epic Would make me join a guild (finally) for sure.
Why is it beyond SWTORS capabilites when Galactic Star Fighter already exist? The importance of ships in a star wars universe is everything. This Quality of Life improvement adds so much more to the game its insane. It also makes conquest and guilds more fun.