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03.02.2012 , 03:20 PM | #1032
Quote: Originally Posted by emusan View Post
Wow, I'm gone a few hours and now there's 10 pages of flames over the toggle, though I think it's died down somewhat now...

In the future, I recommend referring anyone trying to bring it up to the locked thread(here) and the thread on a toggle for all flirt prompts(here). Kindly ask them to read through those and as well as pages 80-100 of this thread and if they feel they still have something *constructive* to add to the discussion to post it then, and only then(again be kind though). If they refuse to listen then just don't respond to them...

These threads are getting mucked up in cyclical arguments that wont end any other way, we don't want them locked.
The issue of HOW to implement this system is in question with this thread.
The toggle is a viable solution as to how to implement it.
I would love to see the toggle for this, and all romancing.