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04.02.2014 , 01:08 AM | #103
I wonder if there are legal issues if they sell virtual cosmetics and then change them afterwards. I know T&As are in place... still... from a legal perspective those MIGHT be invalid if the single intended purpose of the item sold was it's looks. If that is taken from the item it becomes totally worthless. Doing it after a completed sale is... well... Something.

I know there have been quite the discussion about the validity of Terms and Agreements that deny the customer any ownership of virtual goods... actually if a virtual good can even be considered a good, but I kind of lost track.

If there hasn't been a decision on this... it's sooner than later that an actually rich-enough-to-do-a-us-lawsuit person is getting anoyed and/or gets his/hers virtual property destroyed post-purchase.

Even if it's not the destruction of a virtual item, there is still the "what has the customer paid for" issue: If it's not an item, it was a service. The service of making his character look a specific way. If this service (besides any goods or ownership of any item) is rendered invalid post-payment... if becomes a question if it was knowingly or accidentally. ... it just needs the right us-citizen to blow this out of proportion, I guess. (EU-Laws mostly have set maximum fines based on value-of-service-rendered)