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02.01.2015 , 05:35 PM | #7
Just checked my Revan logs to be sure, but Torparse does not give a 100% clear answer.
The attack in question is overloaded double saber strike and consists of multiple energy -> energy -> elemental hits. The other I/E attacks (heave, the tankvoids and the HK dot) are clearly force/tech.
The energy hits in each strike seem to be melee dmg for sure, as I defended quite a lot of them. However I also resisted several of the elemental hits. Resist implies force/tech dmg, but they only occured when I had explosive fuel up.
My guess is, that EF gives defense and resist chance and the elemental hit from the attack is acutally force/tech.
I can look through some other fights and confirm the EF hypothesis with you on our TS server in the next few days if you like.