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11.21.2012 , 07:08 PM | #42
Sith Inquisitor = 9
I think the interaction with the companions (Ship's intercom!) and a true look into Sith culture (along with the finale, which was amazing) won this over as the best of the four I have done. If you don't like Chapter 1, keep going, it gets better! NPCs were very interesting. The building of a powerbase like a true Sith politician is priceless!

Jedi Knight = 8
Everything you could expect from a Jedi Knight. Epic (and sometimes exaggerated) plots with twists and turns. Nothing SUPER special, but nothing glaringly wrong. Some nice little details in there that really get me thinking about the SW universe. True Jedi fans will not be disappointed!

Smuggler = 7
One mission made the whole storyline worth it. Won't spoil it, but you'll know it when you do it. Pretty good with the underworld part of it, not too fond of 2nd chapter, but not bad. End was good! Good interaction between your character and NPCs. I love how characters that you met before come back later!

Sith Warrior = 6
The obsession with your master gets old. True, you're a BA, but still. Bigger and better things could have been done, IMO. But then again, people come back to help/hurt you, which is always nice. I like to see the consequences of your actions, and the SW story has a lot of that. One thing I will say, Quinn = best companion ever! XD