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Quote: Originally Posted by Yurie View Post
I dont think 1 week entitles necro yet
Five years TOTALLY counts as a Necro.

...At the same time, it's refreshing to see that someone did a Search to find out if someone was talking about a topic they wanted to ask about, instead of just posting. I mean... I just post. If it's not on the first 5 pages, it's ancient history.

When I picked my Great Eight, I let "do they get a special weapon?" guide me a whole bunch.
Commando or Vanguard? Blaster Rifle vs. Auto-cannon. Gimme the cannon. Budda Budda.
Gunslinger or Scoundrel? Scoundrels get Shotguns. Nobody else gets that action. Sign me up.
Operative or Sniper? Well, Operatives are mirrors of Scoundrels, so Sniper (and fancy Sniper Rifle) is my pick. Bounty Hunter went Power Tech, to avoid mirroring my Commando.

My Siths are traditionalists. One Lightsaber, both my Juggernaut and my Sorcerer.
My Jedi are Reformers. My Knight went Sentinel for Dual Wield and my Consular went the path of Shadow, Dual Saber for the win.