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11.28.2020 , 10:41 AM | #16 a gamer, I find tremendous comfort in having my fast high quality overclocked sticks for the times when it matters. I admit that I am a RAM enthusiast and actually have the patience to find the lower clocks that are stable to provide the best data transfer on my board. Always use the QVL from the motherboard manufacturer before going shopping for hardware. You can still be price savvy but have a great high performing pc. Don't forget that every piece of hardware is equally important to overall system performance. As a recommendation, aside from the mobo qvl, you should always go with the software also provided by the mobo manufacturer as ANYTHING else is a risk. hope this helps!!!

Edit: I am currently using
These are the tried & true B-die that have extremely low latency when overclocked. Yes you will pay more for the die, but you have great versatility for lower timings and longevity if you wish to change boards. I don't do extreme overclocking for benchmarks as I take care of my hardware, but these sticks do exceptionally well for all gaming with really good stability for enthusiasts.