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The sacrifice for more Hp is not as great as many would like you to believe. There are a few thing people forget to take into account.

Defensive stats suffer from multiple diminishing returns. The first one is just written into the calculation so each defense/shield/absorb rating increase is not as much as previous increases to those ratings.

Second Damage is on a 2 rolls system and multiplicative therefore increases in one actually devalues you other stats. For example if i increase defense then I am shielding less because it never even goes through and my armor shield rating and absorb is actually less valuable since it was not needed as much.

Another point is there is substantial damage that is not able to be mitigated at all and you can have all the defensive secondary stats you want but it will hit and do the same amount of damage no matter what. Toth and stormcaller are prime examples as is Kephess in HM TFB where 90% of his damage cant be avoided.

There is a happy medium somewhere of course. I personally feel that endurance and secondary stats are equally valuable so I add up endurance and tanking stats on each mod/enhancement and take the highest total and use those. For mods this is typically the "B" mods. From there I obviously optimize the tanking secondary stats to provide the optimal mitigation. Doing this for most tanks puts them at around 28.75k HP fully buffed and stimmed. For assassins you can further modify your augments towards endurance and the mitigation loss is offset slightly by increases to self healing and increase their time to survive even further.

TLDR: the sacrifices to mitigation are not as extreme as people think because of standard and inherent diminishing returns and boss damage types that are not mitigable. Endurance has no diminishing returns at all dramatically increases your time to survive over any other stat. Healers HPS is high enough compared to boss throughput that time to survive should be a focus (endurance).
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