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Just replayed KOTOR-2. Everywhere Revan was mantioned "she" + Onassi fall in love with her (it seems).

So why do we have HE here ?

Actually I have suggestion that KOTOR-2 picks Revan's sex same as player then it could explain, because I never played male. Can somebody confirm he saw Revan "he" in kotor-2 ?
Because during your first conversation with Atton in the holding cell on Peragus Station you can pick Revan's sex. Atton says something about the females being the worst and you can either reply in the affirmative or correct him, saying something along the lines about how long has he been in there because Revan was male. If you set Revan as male and light then he romances Bastila, and if he is set to female then she romances Carth. Revan's sex was canonically set in Drew Karpyshyn's novella Revan, published 2011.
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