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05.29.2012 , 10:11 PM | #25
Let me start off by saying this is an awesome thread...i really enjoy all of the ways people have expanded on the normal hm fp's. Our guild has cleared story mode denova and nightmare kp and ev and we were the server first clear of hm lost island. We got hit pretty hard with D3 coming out losing 5 or 6 of our #1 raid team. So to keep up the raids, we started 4 manning ev and kp normal. While it doesnt drop higher gear tiers for us, it keeps the game incredibly fun. Our team is a jug tank in 3 rakata pieces not including main and off hand. Then a sorc healer in 4/5 rakata, a sorc lighting dps with 1 piece of rakata the rest columi and then myself as a sorc madness dps with 1 piece of black hole gear and all the rest rakata. While some would argue that were over geared for the raid, we still hit enrage on some bosses. Weve found the hardest fight is the turrets before the annihilator droid in ev. The turrets seem to eat us up if we dont stand exactly in the right spot behind the first turret. We've yet to try any of the hm fp's 2 man though so ill bring it up to our gm. Just curious on what you guys think would be the ideal team to 2 man the fp's? Weve started to get enough raiders back to where we have all classes raid geared. So to all of you who have done this before, what have ya'll found works the best in tandem?