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This thread is operating on several assumptions because of the lack of info. I was posting based on those assumptions.

Of course i wouldnt have to buy the items. but If i want them and they are ONLY available in the cash shop through the gambling lockboxes thats not the slightest bit fair to me as a subscriber is it?!
Actually yes it is fair.. you dont have to buy them, just like you dont have to buy a lotterry ticket.. you have a choice to spend or not and being F2P or a subber makes no differnece when it comes to buying items from the cashshop.
Additionally if you are a subber you will be getting CC's to spend ... how you choose to use those coins is up to you.
Keys in GW2 are purchasable via the trading store, yes but you can trade in game currency to convert to the gems whoich are needed to buy the keys... that's nothing new in other MMO's that have F2P cashstores. But at the same time the game needs to turn a profit otherwise... THERE WONT BE ANY GAME!
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