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07.16.2019 , 07:51 AM | #21
Sry to necro - Iīm bored

I love healing and I tried all 3 healing classes.
Tried mando and sorc. Mando is great for 8-16 man raids and sorc for everything.

Then I tried operative: just played a vet FP and man I hate this kolto probe babying, plus they look ugly.
I know they are the best for 16 man operations but meh. I think they could be really elegant and great healers but then you have that green stuff all over your group.

Please make the kolto probe invisible and make the duration longer or smart. That would be great

Edit: I donīt think they need a buff - they have the highest numbers, but that doesnīt matter if the tank dies
The should be reworked a bit - less numbers - more fun playing it.