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I am not against Heroic 4s, but I am against them being EVERYONE in one planet and outnumbering Heroic 2s.


People do Heroic 2s in groups because it is easier to group. Two tanks can group together and one can bring a DPS companion and the other can bring a healing companion. However, for a Heroic 4, you have to spam chat to find 2 DPS, 1 Healer and 1 Tank. And it is always hard to find that 1 healer. So imagine trying to do this 4-5 times on one planet!

Atleast with Heroic 2s you don't have to worry about finding a complete group, just join with someone and use your companions to fill the missing roles [i.e. tank or healer].

So yeah, for future content [expansions] I think Bioware should just have 1 Heroic 4 on the planet and the rest being Heroic 2s.
Well we just did in Section X (the new area last big update)... The Aurora Cannon Heroic 4 with the following class makeup...

2 Tanks 2 DPS with no problem today, so while the rhetoric of norm may be people spamming for 1 tank 1 heal 2 dps... It does not mean it cannot be done with some other makeup.

Breakout was as follows.
1 Jugg Tank , 1 Sin Tank
1 Jugg DPS, 1 Mara DPS