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I fear that this is far more true than most people wish it to be ...
Come to think of it, I'm not sure the alternative (actual matchmaking with a healthy number of players) would end up any better. They've got a huge EA reason to not give you a fair fight if you're "just" a sub or preferred player: their bottom line. Even if they don't come out and sell gear to us, whales are worth a lot more to their bottom line than "just" subs/preferred/F2P, so they'll figure out they need to give whales easy matches so they stick around to buy moar hypercrates and not ragequit.

Edit: This obviously doesn't mean they're going to magically git gud. This *does* mean that, in a game against pure dead weight, they're going to be that dead weight your team doesn't care about because the bunch of bads you're going up against is so... bad. They might even get a kill or two.