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07.18.2013 , 02:34 PM | #556
Just a funny story about 55 HM Cademimu and the Wookie boss flight, with the ugnaught adds....

I'm Sorc healz and have done this fight many times. Funny thing happened last night. Ranged DPS (both were ranged) and I were on top of the ship (as ordered by our tank) and all went very smoothly. Wookie dead in no time at all. DPSers instaloot, jump down and take off to continue onward, following the tank who took off even sooner.

Since tankie had brought the wookie right next to the ship, I did not have to move to click and loot. I'm looking for specific mods and enhancements nowadays, so it takes me a bit longer to loot, and by the time I was done the other three in my party were nearly out of sight, on their way to the next fight!

This is when I notice that right behind me, just under the wing, are all 4 (or 5?) piggies....looking up at me like I'm their mommy. I start to move down the nose of the ship and they side-step along with me. Right away I'm back to the rear and they just stand there, all in a group....staring up at me. I swear I wanted to toss them some mackerel or something.

In chat, I'm like "Uh guys? I think we forgot something!" After many LOLs and LMFAOs, they all came back and we had a second fight that I think took longer than it did to kill the wookie! No sweat and we face-rolled the rest of the FP too.

Never seen it where the piggies were completely ignored by the entire party!!