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Usual beginner black talon run, everyone needing randomly, clueless, and died on first boss cuz our freebie tank thought that killing the mobs coming from both sides first, was too mainstream.

Doesn't matter, quitted after the roll on the cunning jacket, won by our tanking assassin, with a single saber with only the hilt in, obviously.

What got me is this phrase said at the beginning of the flashpoint by said tank.

" Oh but I wanted to do the one with the colossus foot >.< "

Can anyone re-elaborate/translate/explain that phrase to me?
There's a mission(Heroic?) on Dromund Kaas named "At the Foot of the Colossus." This is almost certainly what he was talking about; he probably was trying to use Group Finder to get a group for that and ended up in a flashpoint by mistake.