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1: make changes to class balance. So that teams comprised of no healers or no tanks, are still viable. This can be done 3 billion ways, all of which would most likely piss off dedicated healers and tanks, but if you want more people to que for ranked, you have to make it so teams made up of 3 or even 4 dps are stil viable.
If BW would do that it would definitely create new balance problems and also if 4 DPS would be viable against Tank, Heal and 2 DPS then why the hell should anybody bother to take a Tank or Heal with you and what is the point of being a Tank and Heal then? Nah, this doesn't work.

What would work would be smaller brackets where you either don't need or got no room for a Tank and/or Heal.
I'm talking about 2v2 and 3v3, in these brackets you definitely could play a lot of different setups. I would favor 2v2 because you can't have a Tank and Healer with you, so you have to make the cut and choose if you want to play with 2 DPS or a DPS and a Healer, or a Tank.
I think it would be far easier for people to just get in group with a buddy and Q for 2v2 bracket but still I'd like to see Xserver at the same time and Conquest Objectives for it to motivate people from big guilds to join the Q. All you need is 2 players.
And ofc solo ranked has to be removed or the rating and rewards have to be removed from it. It was fun the first time but it has gotten out of hand now and it's not helpful or fun anymore, too much yolo.