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*flame suit on*

The reason competitive PVP fails in this game is simple : pvp-ers are a special type of 'breed' slapping their e-peen across the fleet every time they get the chance. Now that i got your attention, let me elaborate. A while back, I took the initiative and created a partnership between guilds aimed at improving PVP and PVE on TOFN. We knew BW would not make content so we tried in our own way to raise the quality because that is what the republic side needs. Imperial side on TOFN is more than decent but I digress.

We had a huge turn up on my guild's ts. 50 people every Friday for PVE and 30-35 every monday for PVP. We provided an extra 30-35 people to the existing pool of players. What happened? I will continue. We had instant grouped and #yolo pops. I will tackle yolo. We went in there, the first thing we saw? Will not name any guilds but the gist is this: **** scrup, PVE hero, you have no business here! Carry me! F-ck off! Why are you here? Noob leave now!! You are not a PVP-er. It was a pleasure to join these warzones with a decently geared shadow and trying to get back to my glory days where we would slap Warmongers in 8V8 (no explanations needed).

We then formed some 4 man groups to learn and see how far we were from being an entry level / half decent arena team. We did not pick FOTM classes we played what we loved. Our composition was often Scoundrel Heals, 2x Infiltration, Guardian/Vanguard tank/dps. We had fun until we met some nice fellows who would /spit and use /say where again we were told to never queue again or even show up in pvp. All the new teams we brought not only mine were harassed.

The above is just an example how the PVP community on TOFN falls into the hypocrite category. They complain all day that we do not have enough POPS, we need cross server queues but when we bring in new players eager to learn from these people we are being harassed. What gives? To elitist to give some valuable advice and help out other teams to provide some competition? I guess so because polishing your e-peen on the fleet and crying cross server q all the time is much better than doing pvp.