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01.18.2012 , 06:32 PM | #2696
Bw says they appreciate our constructive feedback, so here's my 2c.

1. close ilum
2. work on developing a rollback if at all possible
3. if roll back is not possible, underdog faction needs to be buffed in order to stay competetive in pvp. This could be in the form of increased valor/commendation gains, or decreased cost of pvp gear/items/etc
4. put a minimum level requirement on ilum, I'd make it 50
5. implement a queue to join ilum, and keep the populations of both factions balanced within a given range (ie if there are 50 repubs on ilum, max imps would be ~60)
6. create safe zones for each faction with defenses that would not allow the opposing faction to trap them there. (something like turrets with 1,00,000 life and instakill any enemy within range)
7. allow groups of atleast 8 to queue together for Warzones. If guilds dedicated to pvp could all que together and grow together it would give the overpowered imps less of an advantage.

Even though this issue could have been avoided, I know the devs are working as fast as they can to fix it. Good luck devs

p.s. alot of times i refer to the imps as overpowered (mainly bc they are the ones overpowered on my server) but obviously the same applies if repubs are overpowered on a particular server.