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01.18.2012 , 06:31 PM | #2694
I was wondering if I might be able to put some ideas in your head. I know your looking for a solution to the problem that has become ilum.

Now this is going to sound a bit harsh but hear me out plz.

There is no solution to this problem and the current problem you are facing is one that has killed pvp in many games.

This is why.

In most PVP games you have a controlled environment. Eve its the space that you live in and it costs billions a month to keep a system. IRL a system costs $50 to keep for a month, but anyone can siege it and take over the system. In AOC you had the barracks. SWG you had bunkers you could siege. In your case the camps that you siege to try to take over control of something that has no value to anyone.

SWG phased out the bunkers in the creation of restuss which is a open world pvp world. there was 1 particular area which was a burnt down space port that you got badges for controlling and completing the missions while it was under your control.

Now why doesn't this work. From a admins perspective it doesn't work because there is no way to handle the lag making it harder to maintain. From a players perspective lag makes it not playable.

Your last system encouraged trading for the valor buff your new one encourages blob warfare which isnt fun. So what can one do to fix these issues.

First you need a system that puts vested interest in a player actually focusing on a objective. Make it player owned or guild owned. something of that nature or find a reason to keep them. It is these methods that make WZ's worth while.

Give a common goal and rewards for having them. Think arturic basin with yoru current layout. control these 3 - 5 objectives for 15 mins - a hr your choice your the devs.

this would encourage the ability to control the zone without resorting to blob warfare. you have a potential blob take a area meanwhile smaller forces can take other objectives while the blob is working though the zone making the blob useless.
even if you figure you have 200 people in a zone and 10 objectives thats on a small enough of a scale that the lag is minimal the system is there you just have to rework the mechanics a little add more objectives to defuse the lag potential.

There is no way to completely eliminate the issues but you can minimize them at very least.