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Yes, I mean set pieces. If I'm not getting generic set pieces (The Victor, etc.) I am more often than not pulling Medic gear, and I have no idea why. I have absolutely no desire to play a medic. If a player chooses a DPS discipline then they should be getting RNG loot from a DPS pool--DPS mods, armoring, enhancements, the occasional set piece, etc. My 75 Warrior and Sentinel--both set to Fury and its respective counterpart--randomly get tank set pieces with dps mods in them. Just--why? Why can't this be fixed? I understand they want us to grind, grind, grind for content but good grief.
I don’t disagree at all. As you can see from all my feed back posts. But as long as you aren’t getting defensive/ shield mods, enhancements, ear and implants, that part of the system is working as intended. Even if the armoring stats, etc, would be better suited to tank specs.

But as you rightly point out. You are getting tank set pieces with dps gear inside. And that’s the bug with the whole system.

If they can stop us getting the shield and defensive mods, etc, then there is absolutely ZERO reason they can’t stop us getting dedicated tank sets for dps, etc.