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05.25.2014 , 05:45 AM | #6
hey. im using something like this:

and i have few questions about your build (in terms of yolo):

- is it worth to sacrifice extra rage and extra armor for ~3.2k heals once per match in the arena? although crits from vicious throw sounds very nice :-) (also, for tank gear this should be very important, as heals would be in range 3.8k - 4.0k, so it's good skill for hybrid/tank spec);
- why you did invest points in dot on force scream? they're extremly low. only usage of them i see in scenario when stealther trying to stealth out of the combat, but still,you're suppose to have dot on your target all the time, and dot from shatter lasts 12 secs and it isn't cleansable for ops... but also, sins will have fixed their cleans, so force dots will be cleanses either way, so maybe i should then respec points from impale dots somewhere else;
- you've missed very useful skills for pvp, like unyielding (free rage almost constantly), deadly reprisal (more free rage) and pooled hatred (great assett for your dps capability almost all the time). instead you go with weak dots for force scream or longer hold on jump (see next point);
- stagger - great skill, but rather for hybrid/tank build imo. keep in mind that with proper rotation, you'll have ravage available (i mean under 2sec cooldown or ready to use instantly) like 80% of times. there is no need in dps build to hold 1 sec longer opp after force jump, when you have 3 sec root on ravage available (and that is available, as i was saying, 80% of jumps) (then again, for hybrid/tank kbuild this is a must-have imo).