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Hey there guys.
I have recently resubscribed and currently i am having trouble choosing my class.
Some time ago i was playing a jugg in both tank and rage specs and was having great fun with it, so i am thinking about redoing it.
Shoud i choose jugg or mara for rage pvp build?
I noticed that the most common dps build for jugg is the vengeance, but i question its viability in pvp becouse it depends on ravage very much and therefore is easily countered/avoided.
This is the reason i am more inclined towards rage build. It allows more mobile playstyle and higher burst damage. I am not sure however which class (jugg or mara) would be better choice for this build.
I great feature about the jugg is his tanking ability on demand. And the great thing about mara is its carnage build, which has great dps output but is somewhat tricky to play, or so i have heard.
So pls, share some oppinions with me

Ok, so let me dispel one myth about Vengeance. It is completely PvP viable, with the addition of the Ravage Root, when you Ravage, people cant get away allowing for you to easily kill them without breaking a sweat. Rage tree in PvP is damn near useless, it was OP before 2.7 because it hit multiple targets like a freight train, well now it hits ONE target like a freight train and the others like wet noodles. Trust me Rage is less viable than Vengeance. I highly implore you to level your Jugg to 46 if it isnt and try out Vengeance, it's got an easy to pick up rotation, hits like a truck, and has some of the best DCD's in the entire game.