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10.28.2019 , 06:47 PM | #1
I just seen how in the new Malgus outfit on the market, you included two different mask styles in the outfit and it got me thinking, why don't you ever do something similar with hooded outfits? Like even with Malgus's outfit itself, we see him using it both hooded and unhooded, so why not give us two torso pieces, one hood up and one hood down? I'm guessing people would love it. I know I would, and it honestly makes more sense than giving us two mask pieces, I don't recall ever seeing him using the full face version, am I forgetting it? Either way we see him with the hood changing from up to down a LOT more often than we see his mask change.

And that's just the beginning of the outfits you could start implementing this on. I know I for one would have 2 outfit slots being used per hooded outfit lol. One with the hood up and one with it down. Would be the closest thing I could get to a hood toggle button I already do basically that with the Exiled Master and Revered Master sets on my Jedi characters. Just a suggestion, hope to see it.