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1: I have played a jedi guardian and a trooper to the end of kotet seemed like the romance with lana is the only ongoing romance that I can have. I know that Kira returned. If I romance her again, will there be any further developments to that or is lana the only one where the relationship keeps going?
If you play through to the end of Onslaught (which follows Jedi Under Siege which follows the "Traitor" arc which follows KotET), you will be able to resume your Kira romance.
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2: I want to play an empire side too. I don't want to play Juggernywarrior so thought about either Marauder or Assassin. After playing a lightning sorc and almost dying to a few basic mobs, was curious which would have more basic survival skills?
Lightning Sorc works quite well if played correctly.
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3: do professions matter and is biochem still best option?
Best for what purpose?
To go to Belsavis, you must go to Belsavis.
I never had a Fine Mithril Sword of a very powerful glorious invincible hero scout with ruby inlays and platinum engraving in June language