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I had an issue like this. I left my ship on nar shadda, talked to the people I needed to talk to (won't mention names due to spoilers,) then noticed there was no change in my journal entry.

I then headed back to ship and as I walked up the ramp to the door, the quest updated and said 'talk to X.' Ofcourse when I went back there was no conversation because they were already done. So I thought I was stuck on this quest line.

BUT I fixed it by first doing the above, then reseting the quest (NOT abandoning it, but reseting.) Then I walked up the ramp to the ship door which then updated the quest from 'Go to nar shadaa,' to 'talk to X.' The quest behaved normally then and I completed it.
A combination of those two things eventually fixed it. Thanks for the help, folks!

Although honestly the quest resolution was kind of anti-climatic.