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On an analytical level, I assume the devs have MA the way it is because they did some calculations and determined that it'scooldown and on-use effect are intended to keep it in check with what it was intended to do.

In reality, though, and from the surface (where I admit I'm likely not thinking logically enough), MA seems incredibly underwhelming in its current state. In ther words, the eyeball testing I've done suggests that MA simply does not justify the point it requires that far up with its long cooldown and very short duration. It's a nice bonus because there isn't anything better to spend it on, basically.

I admit I dont play a tk sage; I'm a seer. I have played around with the spec though. Maybe some experts (longtime tk sages or devs) can give good explanations how it's powerful in its current state. Im very open to the fact thqt maybe im just not smart enough to figure out how to utilize it best. Until then, I have to agree with you that MA could use some reconsideration in its design.
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