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Mental Alacrity (MA) is a viable way to help increase a sage's DPS, but its short duration (10 sec) and long cooldown (120 sec) makes it difficult to plan for and utilise this ability in both pve and pvp. One possible solution is to make MA a proc instead of an activated ability - and have it occur more often.

It could stay at the same tier. it could proc off Telekinetic Wave.

MA 1/2: grants 5 seconds of interrupt immunity. Grants 10% alacrity for 10 secs. Can proc every 1.5 mins. 50% chance to proc when TKWave is cast.

MA 2/2: grants 10 secs of interrupt immunity. Grants 20% alac for 10 secs. Can proc each minute. 100% chance to proc when TKWave is cast.

(The second ability point could be taken from Reverberation, meaning that Reverb would be a 4/4 skill instead of 5/5).

I think that the increased alacrity would improve the class in a meaningful way because it affects most abilities (including heals, damage and GCD), and that removing 1 point from Reverb would have mimimal impact, as it affects only 3 abilities, and those abilites' crit damage bonus only; plus that Reverb is high in the TK tree and many sage builds are hybrid anyway.

The final benefit would be that the class would only be interruptable for 55 to 50 seconds each minute, which is important for a class that relies on cast and channeled abilites.

The factor that mitigates the risk of this being too powerful is the complexity of setting up the most efficient trigger event:
TK Throw > Proc disturbance > Proc TKWave > Proc MA (this could happen quickly, but relies on random chance to set up the required procs).

An alternative way to trigger the proc is to cast TKWave, which has a slow cast time and is vulnerable to being interrupted when it's not procced by disturbance.

(Note that the pve set bonus which increases alac by 5% is an indication that alacrity is beneficial to sages; however a pvp sage would have to utilise these pve armourings in order to achieve the same effect - this implies an imbalance between pve and pvp alac design that this change might help correct).

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