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There is one thing if any that this thread has made clear: We live in a situation where no matter WHAT the developers do to try and APPEASE players it's just not enough and will never be enough. What happens when they respond? They're raided by the players, insulted, etc. No wonder they communicate as less as possible. Eric is really the only one who even talks to us now, developers used to be posting from EVERY DIVISION.

You all brought this on yourselves and unfortunately the game is going to suffer as a result.
1. Well yeah, you're not going to appease everyone. They swapped demographics to engage with multiple times in order to hunker down on content that fit the visions for the time, alienating the other sides for far too long. Same reason the game is currently in its sorry state.

2. I can't remember the last time the devs were "raided by the players" but there was that 1 instance where someone sent death threats to staff, which is completely unacceptable for clear reasons but we were told by Eric, as a result of his job as the community manager, that they'd dial back their communication with us at that time if it persisted, which was already abysmally poor.

3. It's Eric's job to communicate with us. We haven't seen a high level of direct-dev communication in almost a decade, it never was expansive. Sure, we got Charles, Keith and Thrill of the Hunt-man every now and then but it was never larger than that as far as I recall. Lead ups to launch ALWAYS see a high level of dev activity before they dial back engagement and their numbers. BioWare's no different.

4. The pessimism surrounding 6.0 is fair game imo. Not as dramatic as OP has laid out (honestly couldn't read a large block of text) but there's good reason to be cautious. Just look at the constant feedback on the PTS forums, note how we're less than a month from launch, have a large amount of testing to do, lack of firm details like a date and the heavy focus on gearing in its new iteration. Then there's the followup that I'm HOPING they stay on top of. They've been known to drop expansions and vanish after an update or two and not touch things for months when things get worse. I'm honestly not excited and more concerned for the game at this point.
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