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Just saying, for those who want to wait until we get exactly what we're expecting 6.0 to be, it's not looking all too amazing. If they pull the same old banthash*t and let bugs persist for months or years after they arrive, take too long to adjust according to feedback, bring forth some QoL suggestions long asked for, flop hard on the already divisive level sync and their gearing model prove to be far more tedious than expressive (with the whole 'play as you want' spiel), I expect to see some more names vanish from this forum. There are far too many eggs in this gearing basket as it is and this game's version of a gear treadmill has been terrible since 4.0.

I'll wait it out and try 6.0 but the PTS mess and lack of tight communication when we're less than a month from launch is very much a classic BW situation.
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