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Ion Missile is the least used and probably worst missile. I don't think it's *absolute* trash, but it's reasonably close to unused. The missile got a decent number of buffs- it is easy to lock on, has an enhanced range that is second only to the torpedoes, and does a lot of damage, and isn't totally garbage on hull. But it is still limited by EITHER of:
1- For a shield dps missile, it has far too long of a cooldown. As a dps missile like concussion missile, it needs a much lower cooldown.
2- For a CC missile, it has a somewhat too long lockon and its CC effect of snaring a target is far too short a duration.

Now, the actual truth is that this missile is supposed to be a hybrid, neither really a control effect nor dps. It brings solid burst to a targets shields- more damage than anything else in the game- but it often lands this damage on a target who has already had its shields stripped OR a target who has already blown past you and is evading. In both of these cases, it contributes very little. Regardless, I would love to see it made a bit more focused in one of these directions- either increase the snare a bit and lower the lockon time, or see what it looks like with concussion's cooldown.
Ion missile could probably focus more on the crowd control angle. Other niches are well covered by the rest of the missiles. I think it would be a good candidate to move the Weapons and Engine power drain from the Ion Railgun and Remote Slicing to. For how powerful drain is, it needs a way to be avoidable, and Ion Missile is perfect for that. Increase the drain from 20 to 60 or maybe even 80 and you have a terrifying weapon.