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11.06.2019 , 01:06 AM | #14
I wanted to comment now that I got my 6 set.

The tooltip for Aimed Shot is 24,723 with 0 stacks of the established foothold buff, or when Bunker Down isn't active.
The tooltip for Aimed Shot is 25,465 with 5 stacks of the established foothold buff, which is 3% exactly.

Note that the tooltip updates to 25,465 with the first tick of the buff, when I get a single stack. But every stack after that gives no further increases, checking the tooltip as the stacks increase.

I did some tests using Charged Burst (since it hits once and has no CD) on my ship's dummy. I unequipped my trinkets to take away any power procs and tested the damage to see if it was a tooltip bug. Using the same methods as above, I see that Charged Burst gets a bonus of about 400 damage per shot with the full stack of EF (which, remember, only counts one stack). After firing several rounds with both 5 stacks and 0 stacks, I couldn't tell a difference with or without the buff. It should give each shot about 2000ish extra damage, and my shots were hitting nearly the same with or without the buff.

So yes, it's bugged. I'm hoping it gets patched on this upcoming Tuesday, since this is the only real decent DPS increase Sharpshooters/Snipers have with a set bonus, and right now the best thing it's good for is 2% mastery and a lovely energy regen on the 4 set (which isn't listed on the set in-game, but is listed on the set in the patch notes. Another bug, same with the ingame tooltip saying the 6 piece gives 10%, while it looks like it would give the full 15 if the stacks went past 1).
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