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The established foothold set bonus only appears to be applying 1 stack of the damage buff to dots. I tested it in 306 gear with no proc relics to avoid the randomness of the proc and at 0 stacks vital shot tooltip damage was 15479 and ticked for 2294. At 5 stacks only the tooltip listed 15944 and ticked for 2360. Shrap bomb tooltip at 0 stacks listed as 16310 and ticked for 2247. At 5 stacks the tooltip listed 16776 and ticked for 2306. So it appears the dots are only getting about a 3% damage buff which is only counting the first stack.
Thanks for the confirmation! Just to clarify, all tooltips only get 3% dmg boost, not just dots. \

I think i recall checking tooltips while stacks were buildig up, and it was a small incremental increase. So each stack increases ur dmg, but by only .6% or so instead of 3%.