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you need to actually balance the stats instead of relying on what looks like a knee in a curve. as you can see from the above values, mastery above 8,000 is a thing, and you need to adjust the crit throughout the range, because the more mastery you add the better crit is, and the more crit you have the better mastery is. the algo says power isnt *** good as crit or mastery for high base values of hit, so you may want mastery or crit crystals instead.

it is evident that mastery augs became viable somewhere in 252 and 258 gear.
Ok, I trust your maths more than me eyeballing a curve on a graph. I assume mastery is better than power because of the 5% class buff on a higher stat pool...?

Do you think a serenity shadow benefits more from critical or mastery since DoT hits and crits have an added benefit of self healing?
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