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10.16.2012 , 07:20 PM | #29
I need help.

The patch that just came in today brought my FPS back up to 109 in the fleet but when i did HM LI, it was 7-10 FPS during a battle. Is there something wrong with my computer?

As i've mentioned before, GW2/SC2/WoW/blah blah works fine with good FPS. Pre 1.4 game was running smoothly as well.

I have my dxdiag in the OP but i'll post it again here.

7-10 FPS during a battle in HM LI was with graphics set to Very Low.

Fullscreen / Fullscreen windowed / windowed
Very Low

settings yield the same 7-10 FPS in a battle. But like i said 100 FPS in the fleet.

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