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would it not stand to reason that infecting one killik would infect them all ?
(sort of what they wanted to do to the Borg in Trek).
(Opinion) Not really. At least notionally, the Rak plague is a virus or similar, and above all it is a physical infection, not a magical one.

So for sure the physical body of only the affected individual would be infected, not all of them, and it's easy to see how the Rak transformation would sever the link with the hive mind.

That idea does lead to some interesting ideas. We already know that Doctor Lokin is the Rak equivalent of a werewolf, a human that can change back and forth to a beast-like form, although it's normal (but far from universal)(1) for the transformed werewolf to lose the "human" control aspect, while Lokin clearly retains it.

Perhaps (in a hypothetical story) there could be some sort of investigation of adapting Lokin's stuff to breaking Joiners out of the hive mind, and various stuff doesn't go according to plan.

(1) See e.g. the 1989 novel Wolf Moon
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