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If you want to get technical, its called the SpyMASTER set. A spymaster is the person who runs a spying operation, like M, not Mrs. Peel. The Spymaster set now, correctly and appropriately, looks like a variant of the Imperial uniform. By the way, there is an excellent, sleek, close fitting, spy-style outfit in the game since launch. Hardweave Jacket and Hardweave Leggings, avaialble for the Agent and Warrior. I know it won't make you feel any better about the situation, but since you are obviously interested in this style of armor I thought I would let you know about it.
The hardweave is not white, not adaptive to my Smuggy, and it also has a big fat chest smashing piece of crap over it. I paid real life money for the lack of that crap on my armor. If they are going to remove this item, just refund me my money.
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