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02.26.2014 , 10:06 AM | #10
The OP definitely seems to be encountering the joys of the Damage Overcharge, which I admit can be very excessive, when someone capitalizes on it a lot.

In fact, this does raise the question: should Damage Overcharge be nerfed?

The reason I raise the issue is that it is becoming apparent that the absolute BEST thing to do in TDM is to spend your time zipping around the map getting the damage overcharge, and then using the upgrade to cut a swath of destruction through your enemies, and go back to hunting the power up when it wears off. And it really IS an absolutely dramatic effect, that completely shifts the balance of the fight: the side which has a power-up hunter will have a HUGE advantage over the other side.

The end result is that it is CLEAR that the best way to play TDM is to zip around the map looking for the DO, slaughtering enemies when it is obtained, and then go back to hunting the next DO power up.

The question is: is it actually a good thing to have a power up be such a game changer, that focusing solely on hunting it down is a FAR more effective tactic than actually fighting the enemy?