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It has been pretty widely accepted that Underworld Relic of the Cerulean Nova and Underworld Relic of Serendipitous Assault are best in slot. The parses suggest that this is the best DPS gain available. It is also popular to have an Underworld Relic of Boundless Ages to throw on during burst phases for the extra gain. Toss on the clicky power, get the buff, throw on the proc power, and get the best of all three worlds. I forgo the latter option I am lazy and don't want to swap gear mid fight, but your mileage may vary.

There is a long discussion on the whole thing here. You will have to go to the last few pages for the discussion on Relics, but it is definitely worth the read as there is hardcore data to back up the assumptions. Not just a bunch of "I feel this or that".
It would seem your "widely accepted" knowledge is out of date. As far as I know, before 2.3, Boundless Ages/Serendipitous Assault was considered BiS period in terms of pure DPS. Judging by the last few pages of that thread, that is still the case.

I also have to agree that even if that wasn't the case, as I've pointed out several times, fights in this game are very rarely actually about your average DPS over the course of a 5-10 minute fight of continuous DPS and much more often about your ability to pump out high damage in a relatively short window. If the damage difference was hugely in favor of damage proc it would be different, but between our relatively low APM (compared to something like a watchman sentinel) lowering the proc rate and the high importance of burst phases in actual boss fights (off the top of my head, over half the current ops bosses have non-trivial burn phases, sometimes multiple ones, which are relatively make or break), I just can't recommend damage proc relics for commandos.
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