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I just bought the $30 pack off Origin and got a free level 60 or 65 new character option.

I'm actually wondering what class I should make. You think this free max level will go up since the new expansion raises max level?
The current Outlander tokens:
* Don't make max-level characters. They have **never** made max-level characters.
* Probably won't change immediately, but may well acquire an insta-70 mode to allow direct starts at the beginning of Onslaught, or maybe at the beginning of Jedi Under Siege.

And the general advice is to make start-at-1 characters until you are comfortable with the game's mechanics, not least because that way you can play through the class stories. Insta60 and Insta65 characters cannot.

Based on the information you gave us about your preferred play-style (er, none at all), we cannot advise you on which class to make even for start-at-1 characters.
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