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09.10.2019 , 01:08 PM | #3
I think I'm posting in the right thread:

Dear devs,

I play since beta phase. Without a break. Veteran gamer for over 3 decades. Please note:

I DO NOT get this new gearing system.

My character sheet icon in the menu is blinking yellow all the time. Apparently, it's because I have one green armguard item in my inventory with an arrow up, indicating the gear is better.

However, I am wearing 252 gear and this green 270 gear is SO MUCH worse than my current gear. The rating is like this:

+68 armor
-151 mastery
-179 endurance
-182 power
-96 critical rating


And yes, I'm shouting, so that you hear me. What is this shenanigan? Will this happen all the time in-game after 6.0? This is annoying and irritating. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Why do you think this is a good idea? What does it achieve? What does it help? Did anyone have problems with gear before now? Were there complaints about it? I DON'T GET IT.
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