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I don't know, I never felt hard up for cool-looking armor when I rolled my Sith marauder. Now I'm up to 41 with my Sentinel and I've had exactly 3 orange robes: the drab brown from the Grees, then the ones you can buy from Nar Shadaa until I got sick of how mismatched they looked. I was excited to find an old thread here pointing out you'd get a nice Essels robe drop from the flashpoint on Carrick station, so I felt a bit silly about it but I went and solo'd that level 10 flashpoint at level 40. Heh, it was worth it though to get out of those other robes.

So where else should I have been looking, because maybe it's my imagination but the comm vendor selection is trashy compared to what I remember from the Sith - seemed like almost every planet offered new designs and the Republic is offering me nothing? GTN has nothing - are there particular flashpoints or heroics where you guys found robes you're happy with? Or something other than a circlet for headgear?