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((I know this post is kind of old, but I figured why not reply to it. It seems good and deserves at least one reply! I'm going to incorporate the sith warrior class story just slightly if that's okay. It won't make an impact, but it will give her a reason for being where she is!!))

If Aaeris wasn't on Tatooine under Darth Baras' orders she would've--well, she probably wouldn't have been on Tatooine in the first place. Before she arrived on Korriban, Aaeris was not accustomed to such harsh places and people. It was shocking to her parents when she went to train to become a Sith. Then again, most Imperial Socialites are 'shocked' by everything. Even if both of their children make the same decisions.

It was bizarre for her to be in a stingy Cantina on Tatooine of all places, but she had heard her sister was on Tatooine as well and the Cantina seemed like a place she'd cause trouble. Aaeris was tucked away at her own table, watching everything around her with a certain resolve. She was intrigued when a man clad in a mask entered. It wasn't the mask that intrigued her, no that was typical of most people on Tatooine. The feeling she had when he walked in was a familiar one. The man had just killed. Definitely not a person, but he had taken a life of one creature or another.

He didn't interest Aaeris for long, so she just let him go about his business despite how bored she was. The woman let out a sigh and let her back thump against her chair wearily as her blond hair whipped in front of her. It was evident her patience was wearing thin. In order to preoccupy herself she began tapping her foot as she undid and redid her braid numerous times.
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