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08.19.2019 , 07:04 AM | #61
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Exactly. Yet again BW is going to fix what is not broken.

WE already have one of the easiest and best gearing systems in all MMOs, why would they replace it with yet another useless boring grindfest?
Do they actually believe that grind keeps people interested? No, it doesn't.
For example, how should one get NiM gear if no group will invite member dressed in 252 when 306 is required? There will be simply no way for casual raiders who are not able or do not want to grind MM Hammer Station 20 hours per day to get somehow decent set with acceptable bonus anytime soon.
From the state of gearing system on PTS i can only assume that 6.0 will finally kill the game. The last endgame players will leave, final server merge as soon as december, and eventually final death of this game somewhere early next year.
Maybe that's what guys at BW really want, i dunno.
I believe you are right. I don't know why they change again this gearing system. It is a fine system, that doesn't need to be changed.
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